Headley Women

Headley women play games throughout the year - outdoors during the summer and indoors during the winter. The group has a wide spread of ages and experience, but is always welcoming to new members. The main aim is to have fun - if we can win some games along the way, then that's great.

The Headley women's section is a relatively recent and highly popular area of the club. As with the juniors, the development of a wide range of cricketing skills is done through enjoyment and attention to detail with a qualified coach. We encourage a wide range of abilities, the emphasis being on personal development and team awareness, whatever sporting background, if any. Regular competitive fixtures on Sundays and occasionally midweek games, gives the players a focus for their weekly practice sessions and the invaluable experience of match play. It is exhilarating to win, but most important is the atmosphere of fun and mutual support engendered by a strong team ethic. Headley Ladies is an integral part of the club with an exciting future.

2019 Outdoor Practice

We are running a taster session on Sunday May 5 from 11:30 - 1 at BOSC. Come down and give it a try! Regular practice session will be agreed after this event.


Have questions about our Headley ladies section? Hopefully these will help. 

I've never played cricket but would love to give it a try. Do I get any help?

A qualified coach runs all the practice sessions and attends all games. The emphasis in practice is on having fun, with a competitive element included as often as possible. Cricket based skills are developed in a relaxed atmosphere, where the needs of each player is taken into account.

I'm a bit nervous about playing with a hard ball. Do I have to use it right from the start?

Practice sessions are a mix, with soft balls used alot of the time, whilst hard balls are incorporated where necessary. Our league games are played with a hard ball, but we have played softball tournaments at various, so there is scope to play with just a soft ball if players wants to.

Do I need to buy all the kit?

No, the club can provide pads, gloves, helmets and bats. Many of our players start using club kit and then buy their own.

So, just how competitive is it?

Most people prefer to win rather than lose, but if a defeat comes along then the team takes it with a smile on their face. All of the players want to have a good time, so if you want some exercise with people out to enjoy themselves, then give it a try.

Doesn't it take ages to play a game of cricket?

The games in the league that we currently play in are 30 overs per side, so games take around 4.5 hours to play. There is tea in between innings and there is usually people about who can keep an eye on any children.

How do I find out about fixtures?

Fixtures are posted on our Play Cricket website, here.