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The future of any club is based firmly on youth development and it is an area that we take very seriously at Headley. The emphasis is very much on enjoyment and positive, confidence-building experiences as the coaches look to encourage not only the acquisition of basic cricketing skills, but also that of leadership and a wider understanding of the game. Competitive matches begin at Under 9 level with age appropriate playing conditions and continue through to under 15, by which time many will already have been introduced into one of the senior teams. Many of our youngsters have progressed to our men's and women's teams and others have gone on to even higher achievement. All of them, we hope, have developed a long-term love and respect for the game of cricket.

2021 pre-season indoor sessions 

Pre-season indoor practice sessions are currently on hold due to the current lockdown measures. Once we are given the go ahead for indoor sessions to start again, this page will be updated. 

If we are allowed to hold indoor sessions for juniors, they will take place at Oakmoor School, Bordon. These sessions will take place on Saturday afternoons, with the last possible date being April 17 (there will not be a session on Easter Saturday - April 3). The sessions will be split into 3 age groups with the following times:

3-4pm - under 9's (year 4 and under)

4-5pm - under 11's (years 5 & 6)

5-6pm - under 13's (years 7 & 8)


Any new members are welcome. The first session is free for new members, after which it is £3 per attended session.

Covid 19 - the club will follow any government guidelines in relation to covid 19 once they are known.


If indoor sessions are not permitted prior to April 17, we will switch to outdoor practice and further updates will be posted on this page. 

Oakmoor address - Oakmoor School, Budds Lane, Bordon GU35 0JB

Club Policies

IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS OF NEW JUNIOR MEMBERS - the club policies cover a number of important areas around the safeguarding of your child. By signing the membership form, you are agreeing that you have read all the documents on the 'Club Policies' page.


These will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the Headley junior section, our aims and the game of cricket.

When are junior training sessions?

Indoor sessions run from February to mid April and outdoor sessions are April to end of August

How do I pay for my child?

There is a small membership fee that covers your child for the year. Then for coaching sessions and matches we offer an easy pay as you go scheme.

My daughter wants to play cricket. Is that OK?

Yes, Headley welcomes both boys and girls. Teams are mixed in gender at the moment at junior level, but the club has a clear development path for girls, as they can play for the women's team once they have reached year 8 at school.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

No, Headley provide junior pads, gloves, helmets and bats. However, you may wish to purchase some of these items, in which case our coaches will be happy to advise you.

Will my child be given the chance to play matches?

Yes! What makes Headley different from most clubs is that we want all of our juniors to get stuck in, no matter what their ability. All of our junior members will be selected to play - if they want to of course! However, for those just wanting to join in for the coaching sessions, that's perfectly fine too.

What does my child need to wear for matches?

Cricket Whites, Trainers and a Box for boys (box not required for under 9's).

Does my child have to wear a helmet when batting?

All players under the age of 19 facing a hard cricket ball whilst playing MUST wear a helmet - whether in a game or in practice. This is a safety requirement of the governing body for cricket in the UK (the England and Wales Cricket Board). When playing or practicing with a soft balls, it is not required to wear a helmet. All games and practice at the under 9 age group is with a soft ball.

How do I find out about fixtures?

Fixtures are posted on our Play Cricket website, here.

What happens if it's raining on a day there is an outdoor session?

Outdoor sessions will not take place if it's raining or if the ground is too wet. We try our very best to send a message (usually via WhatsApp) to parents to confirm if practice can't take place.

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